Testimonials From Corporate Events Clients

“I thank you so much for your great and exciting MC initiatives. The party became unforgettable and emotional event for us! I’m also admired your professional activity, arrangement or speech.”



Testimonials From Wedding Clients

“今晚非常多謝我們的司儀YOEE,為我們主持了極好的婚禮主持。YOEE的主持令到全場氣氛非常好,大家都玩得好開心。” Wedding by MC Yoee“今晚非常多謝我們的司儀YOEE,為我們主持了極好的婚禮主持。YOEE的主持令到全場氣氛非常好,大家都玩得好開心。”


Wedding by MC Yoee

Testimonials From Students of MC Training

“當新聞主播前,已在 Amanda 教導及帶領下踏足司儀行業,後來發現一直學到的司儀技巧不單在舞台上能發揮,在鏡頭前、採訪時、以至日常生活中都用得上,聲線及肢體語言的表達、突發事故的應對方法、事前的準備功夫、跟不同單位的溝通合作等等,我慶幸在學時期已遇到 Amanda 這位良師,助我在投身社會工作前已打好基礎。“


Caca / Ex-TV Host

Testimonials From Corporate Training Clients

We appreciated their delivered technics that uplifted and inspired our participants in attending the contest.”