Corporate Training
Competition Presentation Skill

Armed with our expertise in MC, public speaking, communication skills, corporate training and volunteer experience, we provide tailored training for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) to suit their specific needs.

Communication and Presentation Skill

Communication and Presentation Skill for Salesperson


Learn how to close the deal through below 3 learning points.



Course Content 課程內容:

  • Understand your clients, find out the best communication way 了解客戶, 找出最佳溝通構式

  • Learn to investigate the key of success 學習發掘 找出關鍵

  • Learn persuasive Skill to close the deal 重點出擊 速成交易


Target 對象: Salesperson 所有從事銷售工作的人士

Course Content 課程內容:Tailor-Made 因應公司情況而訂


Public Speaking 演說訓練班

Through the training, students can master 修讀此訓練課程後,學員能有效掌握:

  • How to prepare a 15 minutes speech 如何構思及準備一個約 15 分鐘的演說

  • Ability to udge audience’s emotion 判斷聽眾情緒的能

  • Preparation before speech 演說前的準備

  • Skill while presenting 進行演說時的技巧

Course Content 課程內容:Tailor-Made 因應公司情況而訂


DeliveringRight for Executive DeliveringRight

專為行政人員及管理層度身訂造的工作坊,充分利 用 LEGOSerious Play 和 time-tested charismatic tactics 的特性,為學員帶來一種全新的學習體驗,讓他們共同參與來改善溝通及表達的技巧。


Think Outside the LEGO



我們明白新一代的企業領袖都期望能以創意去平衡他們習以為常的批判性思考方式。所以我們引用LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology, 協助企業去找出及正視問題,讓企業的行政人員及管理層去體驗如何有系統地進行設計思考,從而將技巧應用到不同的商業處境。


Who’s Missing?



不論公司的規模大小,都能夠運用 LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology 去改善管理層的整體表現。員工們都能夠在工作坊即時地發掘真正的問題,並找出具體的解決方案。在工作坊完結之前,管理層定能獲得新技巧,並制定出一套全新的人才培訓方案。


Course Content 課程內容:Tailor-Made 因應公司情況而訂

Team Building

Play Team Building 遊戲式團隊培訓


We tailor-made fun and interactive team building activities to all clients with stimulating and challenging for any skill level. Our equipped team ensure all participants can fully enjoy the program.



We strongly believe that the FANTASTIC team building activities can promote 我們深信透過這個培訓可以讓提升參加者能力:

  • 從互動中學習 Learn through Interaction

  • 溝通 Communication

  • 團隊精神 Teamwork

  • 互相信任Mutual Trust

  • 熱忱Passion

  • 積極主動 Initiative

  • 領導力 Leadership

  • 應變力 Flexibility Course Content


課程內容:Tailor-Made 因應公司情況而訂

Personal Imaging

Executive Image Building 專業形象建立

The workshop provides opportunity for students to explore and understand all aspects of professional business image and social etiquette in workplace and different social occasions. The workshop enables them to deliver mature business image and appropriate social etiquette so that they build confidence and are able to conclude the program by practicing image and etiquette suggestion trainers have delivered.


The training workshop is to:

  • Build up professional business image through speech, behavior and looks.

  • Enhance self grooming ability to fit workplace standard

  • Adapt social etiquette to accommodate the needs of different occasions

  • Present befitting table manner in company event


Course Content 課程內容:Tailor-Made 因應公司情況而訂